Use VR to save lives

Forge Forward Project has partnered with 2B3D.com to provide veterans with high-resolution virtual reality experiences in the comfort of their homes, where they can connect with friends, play games, and meet with mental health professionals in VR.

Planned Features of VRx

  • Find peace in more than 20 high-res environments
  • Access to mental health professionals from anywhere in the world
  • Immersive experiences with friends and family
  • Music and rhythm games
  • Homeroom to meet therapist
fuel the forge

What Makes VRx Unique

We are developing VRx to be more than just a portal to access VR therapy. This is where veterans can rally, regroup, play games, and spend time with friends and family, no matter where they are in the world. We are building each virtual environment with veterans in mind using the most advanced technology in the world, Unreal Engine 5. From the serene beaches of paradise to the crackling fires of a viking longhouse, veterans will be able to find peace in their own personalized environment.

Fuel the forge

VR therapy is the use of VR technology for psychological or therapeutic rehabilitation.

VR succeeds where video conference calls fail. Veterans will be able to reach out to mental health professionals using a customized avatar for more personalized online interactions.